Acceptance into The Capitol Hill Classic requires that a team complete the registration application process by entering the event on SportWrench, making full payment of the entry fee and having a confirmed reservation through our housing agent, THS, at an approved hotel. 

General Hotel Reservations are now open. Click here to reserve your rooms!

Click here for a list of hotels.

For hotel reservations or questions, please contact THS directly at (888) 536-8326.



1.    Register for the event on SportWrench.
2.    Pay for your entry via check or credit card.
3.    Make reservations for your team through THS.
4.    Book a minimum of four (4) rooms for three (3) nights each (total of 12 room nights) for each team you have entered in the event.
5.    Encourage your team parents to book through THS.
6.    Accept the contract you receive from THS.
7.    Receive your acceptance notice from the tournament.
8.    Wait anxiously in anticipation for the event to start!


What is Stay and Play? 
Stay and Play (S/P) is the housing policy for The Capitol Hill Classic and requires teams to stay at an Approved Hotel with a reservation that is booked through our housing agent, THS, in order to be accepted into the tournament.

What if we are a local team and drive back and forth each day? 
If your club/team has been one who has historically driven back and forth, you are already on our Local Team List and will not be required to book rooms.

If you think your team is eligible for the Local Team List, please email us at once your team is entered into the tournament. We will confirm your location is within a reasonable, drivable distance and place your club on the Local Team List. Please understand that a team's "local" status is determined solely at the discretion of the event staff. You may have to comply with the Stay & Play policy to gain entry into the event even though you feel that your team is within a reasonable distance to drive back and forth. 

How many rooms must a team book for acceptance into The Capitol Hill Classic? 
To complete entry requirements, a team must book a minimum of twelve (12) room nights on one contract with THS at an Approved Hotel (for example, 4 rooms booked for three nights each equals 12 room nights).

What is an Approved Hotel? 
Approved Hotels are hotels that contract with the Capitol Hill Classic, through THS, to offer rooms for teams attending the tournament at a set price. The list of Approved Hotels is available here.

What is THS? 
THS is a sports housing company that manages reservations for the room blocks at our Approved Hotels.

Who determines the rules for Stay and Play? 
The Capitol Hill Classic determines the guidelines and procedures for the Stay and Play Policy. THS, then, implements the Policy.

How do I maintain accepted status? 
A team must, at all times between accepting a hotel room contract through the finish of the Event, have a minimum of 12 room nights in order to maintain their accepted status into The Capitol Hill Classic.

What happens if I don’t have 12 room nights reserved? 
If at any time your room reservation falls below the 12-room night minimum, THS will contact you and you will have 24 hours to correct the situation. After 24 hours, if the situation is not corrected, your hotel contract and your entry into The Capitol Hill Classic may be cancelled.

What happens if my hotel contract and tournament entry are cancelled? 
All hotel deposits and entry fees previously paid are non-refundable. If you decide to re-enter The Capitol Hill Classic, you must start the entry process over and your application date (used to determine the order teams are accepted into The Capitol Hill Classic) becomes the date when you complete the new tournament registration and hotel reservations.

Why is The Capitol Hill Classic using a Stay and Play policy? 
Stay and Play Policy is the single most effective tool we have to encourage hotels to work with us to provide room blocks for teams at discounted group prices and to encourage hotels within walking distance of the convention center to provide more rooms.

Why isn't the hotel I want on the Approved List? 
We consider proposals from any hotel that wants to be on our Approved List. However, no one can force a hotel to offer a room block for an event; it’s a business decision by the hotel.

   The hotels may have other business booked and therefore do not have rooms available.

    The hotels offer rooms at rates we think are too high.

    The hotels are just not suitable for youth sports teams or prefer not to do business with sports teams.