Acceptance into the Capitol Hill Classic requires confirmed reservations at an approved hotel.

Make hotel reservations here or call 1-888-536-8326.

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We adopted Stay and Play to:

- Prove hotel nights generated by Capitol Hill Classic to the city of Washington, D.C. and maintain our place and space on the convention center calendar. Rooms used at hotels outside our list of approved hotels are not recognized by the city as being generated by CHC. As competition for convention center space becomes more and more fierce, we cannot stay on the schedule for the amount of space and the time frame we need without showing more hotel room nights.

- Get the hotels to keep a check on their rates and to offer MORE rooms in properties teams want to use. We insist on LOWER RATES than hotels would otherwise offer. If a hotel quote is too high, we reject the offer. This helps everyone in the long run, not just one team or one club.

Many people think that booking rooms around the block decreases the price they pay for the rooms. The opposite is actually true - the hotels offer fewer rooms at higher prices if we don't use our leverage. There is no doubt, rates at ALL the DC metro area hotels would be significantly higher if we did not use our leverage to keep the current prices and future price increases reasonable - when one raises prices the others follow suite.

Since adopting the Stay and Play policy, almost all the hotels lowered their original quotes (by as much as 30%) and offered us more rooms, or joined the block when they hadn't before.

Compare rates at major hotels in other cities the size of D.C. to those on our list. Call our approved hotels and try to book a group of rooms for the dates of the tournament without mentioning Capitol Hill Classic or the group rate and see what you would pay. If you get quoted a lower rate than we are offering, call us. We'll get that rate for everyone!

Teams must maintain a confirmed hotel reservation at an event approved hotel which meets the minimum room night requirement in order to maintain their accepted status into the event. Please read the Stay and Play FAQs, as well as all information posted on our hotels for complete details.

When we have your online payment OR your SIGNED Entry Application form and check AND your accepted hotel reservations contract at an approved hotel, we'll email you a confirmation that your application is complete. We will make every attempt to notify you within two business days after receiving the information and documents noted above.

Please see our full Acceptance information on the Registration page.