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Important Dates

  • October 26th, 10am, EST – Team Registration opens.

  • TBD – Team and Club Loyalty Program opens.

  • TBD – Deadline to submit Team and Club Loyalty Application. 

    • Team registration fee must also be completed and paid by credit to be eligible for Loyalty Program.

  • TBD – All unsigned Team and Club Loyalty Contracts will be cancelled and rooms released.

  • TBD – General Hotel Reservation link is live.

  • TBD– Deadline for completion of hotel rooming list.



  • Local clubs are eligible and encouraged to book hotel rooms through
    the Loyalty Program or General Hotel Program.

  • CHVC reserves the right to determine if a team/club receives ‘local’ status. Conglomerate, franchised and clubs operating out of multiple locations may be granted local status for some teams and have other teams that must comply with the Stay & Play policy.

  • Club Directors should contact CHVC to confirm local status prior to team entry.

  • Clubs receiving local status should direct parents planning to stay in the city over Presidents’ Day weekend to THS in order to book and obtain best pricing on hotels.

  • Clubs receiving local status should contact THS for best pricing if they book rooms for coaches or staff members.

  • Clubs receiving "local" status must agree to submit information regarding parents, staff, and coaches booking rooms.

    • Submit ​Local Team Hotel Exemption Form below.

    • Information can be submitted to CHVC  by date TBD.


General Hotel Program

​As a parent, do you want to stay in the same hotel as your team? Or will your daughter will be staying with you at the tournament this year? Either way, we are happy to help you book an affordable room for an unforgettable event in Washington, DC.



​Official acceptances into The Classic will begin TBD and will continue until all spots are filled.


Housing Contact


Hotel Exemption for Local Teams

We understand some attendees from local clubs may commute to downtown Washington, DC for the Capitol Hill Volleyball Classic. However, we are also aware many local attendees book rooms at hotel properties in the District over the course of the weekend for convenience purposes.

In order for local clubs to maintain their ‘local’ status, we are requiring all local attendees booking rooms to fill out and submit a completed 'Local Team Hotel Exemption Form' below by TBD.