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Important Dates

  • Friday, December 4th, 10am, EST – General Hotel Registration opens.

  • Friday, January 8th, 12pm, EST – Deadline for completion of hotel rooming list.


General Hotel Program

General Hotel Requirements:

  • Mandatory for each team to have 12 room nights, 4 rooms for 3 nights, at a tournament approved hotel.

Booking of all General Hotel rooms must be done ONLINE. A customer service representative from THS would be happy to assist you with your housing needs.  Phone: (888) 536-8326


Local teams may use this system to book best rates at tournament approved hotels. Both individual and group reservations are available.


General Hotel Registration

Accepting a contract does not automatically guarantee entry into the tournament.  Please check SportWrench to confirm acceptance.

  • Individual and group rooms can be applied towards a team’s required minimum room requirement (12 room nights per team, 4 rooms for 3 nights).

  • Each team is only allowed to book 15 rooms online. Teams that need to book more, will need to get approval from THS.

  • Falling below the minimum number of rooms will cause your team to lose acceptance status.

  • A group reservation must utilize 90% of the contracted room nights based on the original number of rooms booked.

  • Reservations made using rewards points or outside of the housing block will not be counted towards the team’s room-night requirement. 

  • Reservations under multiple names can be made at various approved hotel properties.

  • Rooms may be used by anyone affiliated with the team: players, coaches, parents or friends.

  • Other teams cannot use open rooms on a contract in order to comply with the Stay & Play reservation requirement.



Approved Hotel Listing



Housing Contact