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Live Schedule

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2021 Wave Schedule

  • Saturday AM Wave -- TBD

  • Saturday PM Wave -- TBD

Start Times:

  • AM WAVE, Saturday, Feb. 13th 9:00am (pool play)

  • PM WAVE, Saturday, Feb. 13th 3:30pm (pool play)


  • AM WAVE: Sunday, Feb. 14th 9:00am (pool play)

  • PM WAVE: Sunday, Feb. 14th 3:30pm (pool play)


  • FINAL MATCHES, Monday, Feb. 15th 8:00am (bracket play)


NOTE: If you are traveling by air, we strongly urge you to reserve your flight after 6pm on Monday, February 15th.

2021 Prep Volleyball Showcase Schedule

Friday February 13th, 2021

Court Location 


The tournament will have two waves (an AM wave in the morning and a PM wave in the afternoon). Both waves will use the format below:

  • Saturday:  Pool play

  • Sunday:    Pool play

  • Monday:   Bracket play

Wave play on Saturday followed by wave play on Sunday.  Start time for a team on Sunday and Monday will depend on how the team finishes the day before. DO NOT assume you play in the same wave on Sunday as you did on Saturday.

Depending on the size of the field, a play-in match or cross-over match may be required on Saturday evening. Monday will be single elimination brackets. For those booking flights at area airports, we recommend a 6pm or later departure.   

Each team will play in a minimum of 7 matches and PM wave begins at 3:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.


All teams should be prepared to play at the times listed below until the time a FINAL schedule has been released or updated.


9:00am, Saturday, February 15th

9:00am, Sunday, February 16th

8:00am, Monday, February 17th

Event Seeding: 
The Classic will use tournament results through February 2nd, 2020 to seed this years' event.

Past Results:  


Tie Breaking Procedure:  
No tie-breaking games will be played.  All two-way ties in a pool will be broken by the head-to-head results.  If more than two teams are tied, the tie will be decided by the following criteria, in order as necessary: set percentage, point percentage, coin toss.

Previous Results:

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