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Important Dates

  • Monday, October 26th, 10am, EST – Team Registration opens

  • Friday, December 4th, 10 am, EST – General Hotel Reservation link is live

  • Friday, January 8th, 12pm, EST – Hotel Rooming List Due



We recommend that athletes plan to share hotel rooms with their family members rather than with teammates, if at all possible. As a parent, booking a room helps your daughter's team receive credit towards acceptance into the event by enabling your team to reach the minimum 12 room night requirement. Please understand your team is counting on this reservation and cancellation may affect the teams’ acceptance status and ability to participate. Financial penalties may apply for the team to remain in the event if rooms are cancelled.


General Hotel Program


  • In order for your room to be added to your daughters’ team room night requirement, it must be assigned to your daughters’ team.

  • When making reservation, you will be prompted to select your club name and the team your daughter is on.

  • If your club and team name do not appear, the club has not entered the event and paid the entry fee.

  • Remember, your daughters’ team is counting on parents to make reservations through our hotel partner (THS) at an approved tournament hotel.

  • Reservations made using reward points or outside the housing block will not be counted towards the team’s room-night requirement.



  • Individual and group rooms can be applied towards a team’s required minimum room requirement (12 room nights per team, 4 rooms for 3 nights).

  • Falling below the minimum number of rooms will cause your team to lose acceptance status.

  • Cancellation of your reservation at any point prior to the event may result in the teams’ ability to

  • A financial penalty, to be determined by tournament directors, will be levied on the team in order to regain acceptance status.

  • Other teams in your club cannot use your reservation in order to comply with the Stay & Play reservation requirements.


Housing Contact