More 2021 Event Information Coming Soon!



  1. 2021 Team Registration will go live on Monday, October 26th at 10:00 am EST

  2. Register for the event on SportWrench.

  3. Pay for your entry via credit card OR by check 

  4. Go to the THS site to book hotel blocks

    • General Hotel Registration: Friday, December 4th, 10am EST

  5. Each team is required to book a minimum of 12 room nights (4 rooms for 3 nights)

  6. Share Prep Volleyball Showcase registration with team (link to general information)

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Registration Fee

  • Entry fees for all divisions are $865.

  • Registration will close when the tournament is full.

  • Certain divisions may close within hours of opening due to demand.


Go to SportWrench to register for entry. Click here if you are a foreign team.


Payment Methods

From SportWrench, choose one of the following options:


  • ONLINE PAYMENT: May be done by credit card. The date of receipt will be recorded as the moment we receive confirmation that your credit card payment has been verified.


1. Print and sign invoice from SportWrench.

2. Date of receipt will be when we receive both your check and entry application in our office. 

3. Make the check payable to: Capitol Hill Volleyball Classic

4. Send the signed Entry Application and check to:

Capitol Hill Classic 

26801 Dix Street 

Damascus, MD 20872


Please send one check per ENTIRE CLUB.


Refund Policy 

Request for refunds must be submitted in writing to prior to December 16th.

December 16th, 2020
There will be no refunds given on or after this date, unless the following criteria is met:

  • If a desired division is full

    • Paid teams meeting housing criteria may cancel their registration and receive a full refund OR the team may choose to go on a wait list. If your team is accepted into the event, refunds will not be granted

  • Waitlisted teams

    • May decide to withdraw their application and receive a full refund at any time. However, if a team’s acceptance status changed from ‘Accepted to Pending’ due to falling below housing requirement, no refund is granted.

If the event is cancelled due to COVID19 related issues, accepted teams will receive a refund minus a $50 administrative fee.


Divisions & Levels

The event will have the following divisions (subject to change):


  • Girls Divisions: 13 Club/Open, 14 Club, 14 Open, 15 Club, 15 Patriot, 15 Open, 16 Club, 16 Patriot, 16 Open, 17 Club, 17 Patriot, 17 Open, 18 Club, 18 Open.


The divisions are divided into the following levels:

1. CLUB: less experienced teams wanting a team-building, competitive event. Co-ed and boys’ teams can join the 12u, 13u, and 14u age groups in this level only.

2. PATRIOT: Reasonably experienced teams that may not be as physical as other teams. Rosters of Patriot level teams have players with multiple years of competitive club tournament experiences.

3. OPEN: The most competitive teams who are experienced and physically athletic compared to their age group. NOTE: only two teams per age group may request to play in the open division from any single club.


Drops & Changes

TEAM DROPS: All requests to drop from the event must be submitted via email by the person listed as the main contact in SportWrench. No refunds are given on or after December 16th. Submit all requests to and include the following information:

  • Request to be removed from the event

  • Club name

  • Team name

  • FJ Code

  • Division entered 

  • You will receive an email notification to confirm the drop has been processed

  • DO NOT assume that your request has been granted.

DIVISION CHANGES: The Classic will make every effort to grant a request to change divisions whenever possible. If a move cannot be made at the time of request, the team will be placed on a list to move when space becomes available. All requests to change divisions must be submitted via email by the main contact in SportWrench. Submit all requests to and include the following information:

  • Club name

  • Team name

  • FJ Code

  • Current division entered 

  • Division you would like to be moved to

  • You will receive an email notification as confirmation if or when the move has been processed.  

  • DO NOT assume that your request has been granted.


Out of Age Division Teams

The Classic will make every effort to place teams in a division in which they wish to compete. Those requests will be handled in the following manner:

  1. Teams wishing to play in an out-of-age CLUB division may register for one age group higher without approval of tournament directors. Approval is needed if applying for a division two more age groups higher than the age group of the team.

  2. Teams wishing to play in an out-of-age OPEN division will be placed on a temporary holding list until approval is received from the Tournament Directors.

  • If a team is not accepted due to space in the requested division being filled, a refund of the full entry fee will be issued.

  • If a team accepts a position into its appropriate age division AND ALSO goes on the wait list for a higher age division, no refund will be issued if the move to the higher division is not possible and the team decides to drop from the event.


Acceptance into Event

Official acceptances into The Classic will begin the week of December 7th, 2020 and continue until all spots are filled.


Note: No more than two teams per age group from a club will be accepted into the Open Division of the Capitol Hill Volleyball Classic.


A completed Entry Application includes the following:

1. Submission of an Entry Application online with SportWrench

2. Receipt of full team registration fees (either online or by check)

3. Verification in SportWrench of Stay & Play hotel reservation from THS 

4. OR verification of local team status through tournament directors.


Out of town teams must maintain a confirmed hotel reservation from THS at an event-approved hotel, which meets the minimum room night requirement in order to maintain their accepted status into the event.