Digital Tickets

All tickets must be purchased online. 

No onsite cash purchase available.



Ages 9 & up must have a paid ticket. Full pricing information coming soon!


QR Code Instructions

  • Your QR code is sent upon completion of registering for admission

  • Each person must have their own QR code with a corresponding photo ID

  • Both QR code and matching photo ID are presented for entry and re-entry into facility

  • Minors without an ID must be accompanied by an adult with an QR code/ID


Read prior to attending:

All attendees are entering a USAV sanctioned event.  As such compliance to the USA Volleyball Spectator Code of Conduct is mandatory. Spectators also understand that injury from flying objects incidental to the sport of volleyball may occur athletes this event and are attending at their own risk.  Be alert at all times, especially during live play.  Children not participating on a team entered in the event must be under the supervision of an adult at all times.  The venue is not to be considered an open play area.  Open courts and free space within the facility are not designate for designed for general child play and should be used for event related activities only. Individuals will be removed immediately  from the building if conduct policies are ignored.

COVID Safety Plan


  • Once a ticket is scanned, no refunds will be given.

  • Scanned tickets cannot be assigned to another attendee.

  • Weekend 1: Submit request for refund before 10pm EST on Thursday, Feb. 10th to

  • Weekend 2: Submit request for refund before 10pm EST on Thursday, Feb. 17th to


Hours of Operation

  • Entry begins one hour prior to the first match played.

  • All tickets must be purchased online prior to attending 

  • No onsite purchase of tickets will be available.

  • Spectators will have separate entrance from players & coaches.

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