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Tournament Checklist 

Prior to registering for the event, update your club profile in Sportwrench - then set an alert to register.

Team Registration opens on October 2nd at 10am EST.

Pay for your entry online by credit card or ACH

Loyalty Application hotel link will be sent to clubs once payment is received.

For General Hotel booking, visit the THS site.

Each team is required to book a minimum of 15 room nights (5 rooms for 3 nights)

Share Prep Volleyball Showcase registration with teams.

Regitration & Payment Methods

Registration Fee

Feb. 17 - 19, 2024

Cost - $950 + processing fees

Girls - All age groups

Registration will close when the tournament field is full.


Online Payment: 


All payment will be done online via ACH or Credit Card and will be time-stamped to help in the acceptance process. The date of receipt will be recorded when payment has been verified.


The divisions are divided into the following levels:

  1. OPEN: The most competitive teams who are experienced and physically athletic compared to their age group. NOTE: only two teams per age group may request to play in the open division from any single club.

  2. PATRIOT: Reasonably experienced teams that may not be as physical as other teams. Rosters of Patriot level teams have players with multiple years of competitive club tournament experiences all hunting for a medal on the last day!

  3. CLUB: less experienced teams wanting a team building, competitive event on a big stage in front of friends and family. 

Divisions & Levels


Tournament Policies

Check out the important information regarding the Capitol Hill Classic.


Acceptance into the Classic

Official acceptance dates into The Classic will begin on November 8th and continue on a rolling basis.

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