ElevATe Sports Medicine

We are pleased to welcome ElevATe Sports Medicine, a sports medicine consulting company based out of Marietta, Georgia specializing in team event management and athlete safety, and focusing on on-site athletic training services. 

ElevATe will provide certified trainers and doctors to take care of athletes within the playing venue during the event. They will also work directly with building EMT services to provide medical needs for spectator emergencies.


Contact Information

Heloise Belarmino Jones, MA, ATC/L


ElevATe Sports Medicine, LLD




COVID-19 Safety Plan

The health and well being of everyone attending the 2021 Capitol Hill Volleyball Classic: Atlanta Edition remains our top priority. In order to minimize the risk of COVID19 entering our environment, we are implementing numerous preventative measures and enhanced cleaning protocols to reduce the likelihood of spread. All attendees are required to familiarize themselves with our COVID19 Safety Plan prior to attending the event.



Medical Tent Locations

Please note: Ice will only be distributed to athletes for acute, on-site injuries as determined by our athletic trainers.

Players should have a contingency plan if they need ice for chronic injuries (hotel ice machines, bring from home, or reusable ice packs).

Head here pre-game and and get your ankles, fingers, etc taped up and ready for gameplay!

Taping Station,

near court 4


Head here for any injury that requires medical attention

Medical Injury Station,

near court 16


Head here for evaluation, recovery, and other wellness needs!

Health & Wellness Station,

near court 8