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Team Check-In



February 17-19th, 2024

  1. Validate and Import Rosters

    • February 5, 2024 @ 5pm EST

  2. Online Team Check-In Opens

    • February 8, 2024 at 9am EST

  3. Online Team Check-In Closes

    • February 14, 2024 @ 4pm EST

  4. Rosters Locked | No Changes

    • February 16, 2024 @ 12pm EST

Prep Showcase

USAV Membership

USAV full membership is required for each person on the official team roster. CHVC does not have the ability to fix roster validation issues, therefore it is imperative for clubs to import and validate their rosters early in case you need additional support from the USAV office.

Roster Obligations

  • The Chesapeake Region does not allow age waivered players on a roster.

  • Each person on staff must be assigned a role to a team within the club. You can assign primary roles for 3 staff per team. A team may have 5 staff per team (a staff member may be listed on more than one team, but only needs one primary team).

  • Athlete’s uniform number, birthdate, and position are mandatory for team check in

  • A total of 15 athletes are allowed on each roster

  • All staff must have a valid background screening and SafeSport certification

  • Both Head and Assistant coaches must be IMPACT certified, and one of these coaches
    must be always on the bench

  • A total of 5 staff members per team, 3 of which are Primary staff members.  All staff must have an assigned 'role.'

  • Each coach must have a cell phone number listed


Team Check-In Procedures

  • Staff and player rosters must be complete

  • Click below for detailed instructions


Event Entry Information (Coming Soon)

Check out our entry policies for athletes, coaches, and spectators


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