Format & Schedule


Live Schedule

The 2022 tournament schedule is now live on SportWrench. Click the link below to check out your favorite team's schedule!


Wave Schedule

AM Wave

  • 16 Patriot, 16 Club, 16/15 Boy, 15 Club, 14 Open, 14 Club, 14/13 Boys, 13 Open, 13 Club, 12 Club

PM Wave

  • 18 Open, 18 Club, 17 Open, 17 Patriot, 17 Club, 16 Open, 15 Open, 15 Patriot


Tournament Format

February 19-21st

  • Two waves (AM & PM)

  • Guaranteed at least 7 matches in each division

  • R1 provided, work team provides R2

  • No tie breaker sets: for info on breaking ties, click here.

  • Pool play day one and two, bracket play day three


For those booking flights at area airports, we recommend a 6pm or later departure.


Event Seeding

The Classic will use tournament results through February 1, 2022 to seed this years' event.


Event Entry Information

Check out our entry policies for athletes, coaches, and spectators

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