Stay & Play FAQ's

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  1. Teams must first register and pay for the event before they can reserve hotel rooms.

  2. Multiple teams may not share the same contract, rather each team using General Hotels must maintain a total of 15 rooms nights (5 rooms for 3 nights).

  3. Each team using the Loyalty Program is required to use 90% of the rooms originally booked.

What are the rates?

ONE ON ONE LESSON Single $80 - 1h $110 - 1.5h PACKAGES 4x1h -$280 (70/h) -scheduled on a 28 days period 4x1.5h -$400 (67/h) -scheduled on a 28 days period DUO LESSON 2 students, price per student per packages of 4 4x1h: $360 ($90/h total) 4x1.5h: $480 ($80/h total) GROUP CLASSES $225 for 5*1.5h classes 3-6 students will meet on Zoom or Skype weekly - Starting second lesson, payment is made once every 4 lessons - In home lessons travel fee: $10 minimum

Where do you teach?

We are currently online only. There is no clear date on when a physical school will reopen in Los Angeles.

What are your cancellation and make-up policies?

Cancellation policy for One-on-One and DUO LESSONS Cancellations made less than 24h prior to lesson time will not be refunded . Make-Up Lessons Policy for One-on-One and DUO LESSONS Student who enrolls for 4 private lessons scheduled ahead of time within 30 days benefits from one make-up lesson . Cancellation policy for Group Class If you can't attend a Group Class, we will send you the recording of that class as well as the necessary homework and material. There is no make-up for Group Classes

Things you should know before starting...

We appreciate your interest in learning French with us. As teachers we guide you step by step towards your goal providing the strategies, tools and a friendly support necessary to help you build a healthy learning habit that will lead you to making noticeable progress. The French language can be challenging and for this reason it is important to make room in your schedule for daily practice on your own. Don't panic, stay consistent and it will become easier with time.

Do you offer online lessons?

We offer high quality audio and video online lessons incorporating online collaborative tools. Take advantage of functionalities like screen sharing, interactive note editing with Google doc, recording and online eudcational games.