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- We are one voice - 12,000 athletes strong

- We make an impact both on and off the court

- We stand strong for female athlete mental wellness.

Thanks to everyone who supported our campaign at this year's tournament. 

Our mission is to give youth and parents the knowledge and power to end the stigma of mental illness - The #1 reason that keeps people from speaking up and reaching out. Your support makes a difference. 



Congratulations to the top two teams, who each raised over $1,000! 


Northern Virginia Volleyball Association - NVVA 13 Red 

Northern Virginia Volleyball Association - 15 ICE Elite


A special thanks to the top 5 teams overall:

  1. Northern Virginia Volleyball Association - NVVA 13 Red

  2. Northern Virginia Volleyball Association - 15 ICE Elite

  3. Vienna Elite Volleyball Club - Vienna Elite 15F Vibe

  4. Vienna Elite Volleyball Club - Vienna Elite 16 Velocity

  5. Loudoun ELITE - LE 15 1

A special recognition to Kris Wojieck, Club Director for the Northern Virginia Volleyball Association, who motivated her teams into the top two spots. 


We wish you healthy competition and the best of luck during the remainder of your season. If you would still like to donate text "Pivotal" to 33222.  

Let's Do More

Over the last 12 years the Capitol Hill Volleyball Classic has hosted more than 7,686 teams and 88,855 young women to compete in what is the largest girls volleyball tournament in the country over President’s Day weekend.

This year we asked ourselves, “What more can we do to contribute to the long-term success of our athletes on and off the court?”

There are pressures, challenges and hurdles that young female athletes face. Navigating it all requires mental strength, confidence and support from people around you. This year we are on a mission to raise awareness of how important mental wellness is to young female athletes.

Mental Wellness means           ? 

Mental Health means             



Our Partner

This year we partnered with Pivotal Moments, a 501(C)3 public charity whose mission is to develop tools, provide access to resources and create unique experiences that help children and young adults deal with adversity in health, wellness and education. With their help, we are introducing a fundraising campaign as part of the tournament to draw light on female athlete mental wellness.

Your Support

Each team will be able to raise funds that will go to the creation of a mental wellness digital learning platform to be implemented in schools across the country for free. It is being developed in collaboration with EVERFI, a leading education technology company.


To make it easy and fun each team gets their own donation page. There will be prizes, and the top teams will get special recognition at the tournament.

Donate on behalf of your team!

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