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  • Officials Schedule

  • Dates of Event

  • Management

  • Hotel Guidelines

  • Match Fees

  • Officials Meeting

Official's Schedule: 

(Posted here the week of the event)

Dates of Event:

Saturday, February 17 through Monday, February 19, 2018

Officials Management:

Paul Albright - Executive Officer 


Phone: (770) 367-7792

Rebecca Johannes - Associate Officer


Phone: (202) 409-7006

How to Make a Reservation to Officiate:  

It’s easy! Application to officiate on SportWrench open on October 23rd. Click here to go to SportWrench.

Hotel Information:

Complimentary hotel rooms are offered to out of town officials. These rooms will be provided to referees who stay with another working referee in our room block. We only have a specific number of rooms available and they are on a first come, first serve basis. However, we should be able to accommodate just about everyone.

  1. All rooms must have two (2) working officials in occupancy.

  2. All rooms are reserved for three (3) nights ONLY (Friday, February 16- Sunday, February 18) with check out on Monday morning. 

  3. If you wish to stay over on Monday night, you will need to cover that one nights' charge.

  4. All rooms will have 2 double or queen beds.

  5. Officials will be assigned to a particular hotel based on when their reservation is received. Requests for a specific hotels and locations cannot be guaranteed.

  6. You can request your roommate on your reservation form or the CEO will assign a roommate.

  7. Any variance from the above will mean that you are not eligible for the comp room space.


Match Fees:

Match fees are based on level of certification.

1st or 2nd referee match fee:         

  • Provisional / Regional- $29

  • Junior National- $33

  • National- $34


Payment of Match Fees:

Payment worksheets must be filled out and authorized at the conclusion of each day’s play.  Each official must also complete a W-9 onsite.   Payment will be made onsite before departure for all verified worksheets. 

Referees Meeting

A MANDATORY meeting will be held Friday, February 16, 2018 at 9pm for all CHC referees. That means you must attend.

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